Virtual Platform

The virtual platform of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market Leaders’ Forum organised by Advantix Pharma focuses on the convenience of connecting to the broadcast and enabling business communications, and on the active involvement of industry players in discussing hot topics of the pharmaceutical market developments.

The virtual platform of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market Leaders’ Forum provides opportunities for active involvement of participants in the event program. Delegates’ physical location is no longer important – wherever you are, our platform will allow you to take part in the discussion of topical issues of the Russian pharmaceutical market and communicate with 400+ participants from regulatory bodies, leading Russian and international pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy chains, healthcare facilities, patient organisations and companies providing services to the pharmaceutical sector.

Advantix Pharma focuses not only on high-quality broadcasting of sessions and discussions for live viewers and professionally edited recorded version, but also provides delegates with the opportunity to ask questions to speakers from regulatory authorities and leading companies in the Russian pharmaceutical market, in writing – in the chat, or live at the round tables. Advantix Pharma also invites delegates to vote on the hottest topics of the pharmaceutical market.

Advantix Pharma offers a unique event format – 6 days of content. The first 4 days, 21-23 April and 26 April, all sessions will be online only. The program will include several topical sessions for different groups of delegates. The sessions be designed for professionals in various positions – directors of sales, marketing, regulatory and medical affairs. On 27 and 28 April, the offline part of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market Leaders’ Forum will be broadcasted live for the benefit of online participants, who will have the opportunity to be fully involved in the program through questions in chat and communication during round tables in the online format.

The virtual platform of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market Leaders’ Forum, which will operate for 50 days, will provide excellent opportunities for exchanging experiences, communicating with existing partners and establishing new business contacts with top managers of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacy chains. Written communications in personal chats, organising individual and group meetings using audio and video calls is an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange information about possible options for business cooperation.

Another important advantage of virtual participation in events is saving time and financial resources. Online participants save time on travel – no need to get to the venue of the forum, you can connect to sessions that are relevant to your work, or, if your work schedule is overloaded, view the recording later, when you have free time. Participants of the virtual event do not bear the cost of air tickets and hotel accommodation.