21-28 April 2021 New Reality – New Strategies Russian Pharmaceutical Market Leaders’ Forum


Confirmed Speakers

Susanne Ausborn

Olga Moiseeva

Philipp Romanov

Nuriya Musina


Top managers of leading international and Russian pharmaceutical companies participate in Advantix Pharma conferences


Why should you take part in the Forum?

1 – Content

Only the leading industry players, regulators, representatives of healthcare institutions and patient organisations will speak at the Forum of Leaders of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market. In 25+ sessions over 6 days, industry leaders will discuss the hottest topics. Strategies, development trends of the state and commercial segments, sales, marketing, regulatory and medical issues – you will not find such comprehensive set of questions in other events programs!

2 – Knowing the Audience

Advantix Pharma builds events program according to the needs of its target audience, our understanding of the industry is based on the extensive market research. The multi-day and multi-threaded program is designed in accordance with the interests of professionals in certain positions: top managers, directors of strategy, marketing, sales, regulatory and medical affairs.

3 – Networking

The online format provides an opportunity to communicate with the main stakeholders of the industry, regardless of your and their location. Online networking is a great way to meet people and identify common interests, which can be further developed during personal meetings in an offline format.


Welcome forum participants

We would like to invite you to join the Russian Pharmaceutical Market Leaders’ Forum organised by Advantix Pharma. The forum will be held from the 21st until the 28th April.

A leader is someone who knows how to build strategies that allow companies to achieve market advantage, in a highly competitive environment. A leader can identify problems, build effective communications with various groups of stakeholders, and offer solutions to problems of varying complexity. A leader is someone who knows how to take risks and responsibility to find innovative solutions for various patient groups. How have expectations of regulators, healthcare community and patient organisations to pharmaceutical companies changed in the face of a global pandemic? What strategies will be most effective in the state and commercial segments of the pharmaceutical market? How have the approaches of pharmaceutical companies to the introduction of digital tools changed? These and many other questions will be discussed at the Advantix Pharma forum.


Key Themes

Trends in the development of healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies in the new reality

International and Russian pharmaceutical companies’ strategies on the Russian market

Trends in the development of the public procurement segment and the commercial segment in Russia

Innovation contracts in the pharmaceutical industry

Implementation of state programs in the field of oncology and cardiology

Drug provision for patients with orphan diseases

List of vital and essential drugs and pricing of medicines

The withdrawal of drugs from the Russian market by international players: is there a replacement available?

Drug labelling

Patient-centred approach in healthcare

Access to innovative drugs for the Russian market: challenges and solutions

Strategies for bringing drugs to the market in a new reality

Protection of intellectual property rights in the Russian pharmaceutical market

Compulsory licencing practice

Early access of pharmaceutical drugs to the market

Registration of medicinal products according to the EAEU rules: first results after full transition in Russia

Vaccination against COVID-19: vaccine production, logistics, vaccine promotion, pricing

Localisation of drug production

Providing pharmaceutical companies with substances. Development of substances production in Russia

Export of Russian-made pharmaceuticals

Digital transformation of the healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies

Cybersecurity in pharmaceutical industry

Pharma 4.0 - the latest production technologies in the pharmaceutical industry

Mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry

Trends in the development of the wholesale and retail segment of the pharmaceutical market in Russia

Development of online sales of medicines in Russia

Promotion of medicines in the new reality

Work with doctors in the new reality

Medical representatives of the future

Marketing mix

Digital tools in promoting medicines

KPIs in pharmaceutical marketing


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