Transformation of Commercial Segment: Influencers and Response Strategies

  • The main factors that will influence the commercial segment of the pharmaceutical market in the near future
  • The drug market under constraints: what are the consequences of segment regulation?
  • Manufacturer – distributor – pharmacy: how to build effective cooperation in the new reality?
  • Negative market dynamics in 2021 and commodity pressure in pharmacy chains and stocks: where can we expect a new non-payment crisis?
  • Are there currently working tools to overcome the non-payment crisis?
  • Marketing contracts between manufacturers and pharmacy chains: a course towards regulation
  • Pharmaceutical drugs labelling: are there any signs of expected value?
  • Legislation on pharmacy chains: how to survive in a new reality. Will pharmaceutical drugs prices skyrocket and who can benefit?
  • The future of retail segment of the pharmaceutical market: which risk hedging mechanisms have already been developed by the market? What kind of reaction to expect from pharmacy chains to increased regulation?
  • Proposal to regulate marketing payments and market share: who is safer – pharmacy chains or associations?
  • What is the margin of safety for pharmacy chains to withstand the drop in purchasing power without reducing the range and number of outlets? Is it worth postponing optimization?


Boris Popov

Igor Bakhmetev

Валентина Бучнева

Valentina Buchneva

Galina Orlova

Denis Remenyako

Alexander Kuzin

Alexander Shishkin

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Tuesday, 27 April

15:40 - 17:10
Transformation of Commercial Segment: Influencers and Response Strategies


27 Apr 2021


Moscow time
15:40 - 17:10
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