How to Improve Personnel’s Efficiency in the New Reality?

  • The new reality requires new competencies – what skills do the staff of pharmaceutical companies need to develop?
  • What challenges did companies face in organising remote work and what lessons did they learn over the past months? Prospects for retaining remote working methods in the future.
  • Technological solutions for organising remote work
  • Motivation of personnel in new conditions. What has changed in KPIs? Challenges in staff motivation in remote working. How to assess opportunities for employee advancement in the new environment? How to protect employees from burnout?
  • What programs are needed to train the future workforce for the pharmaceutical industry? How to develop, in collaboration with universities, the competencies of personnel that are required in current conditions?


Olga Nikulova

Marina Veldanova

Irina Maysuradze

Olga Molina

Alina Mantseva

Elena Fomina

Hourly Schedule

Thursday, 22 April

14:00 - 15:30
How to Improve Personnel’s Efficiency in the New Reality?


22 Apr 2021


Moscow time
14:00 - 15:30
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Online Platform


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