We specialise in organising forums in Russia, Central Asia and Europe

Established in the UK in 2002 Advantix Ltd is the events and digital media company.

Advantix Pharma is a division of an international company Advantix Ltd with the head office in the United Kingdom. Our international events team based in the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan specialises in organising in-person, online and hybrid multilingual conferences, trade shows and industrial site visits connecting businesses and investors across various industries and countries.

Our UK based digital media team works on development and integration of pioneering technologies to create unique immersive experiences for businesses and governments.

Our Experience

We have been working on the conference market for 17 years. Over those years we organised 60+ events that were attended by 15000+ top managers and middle level managers. We are passionate about creating events where our participants can learn about the latest industry changes, work out effective solutions for their companies and establish business contacts. We specialise in organising forums in Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

Geography of Events

We successfully host international business events in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Canada and China.


Organisation of Conferences and Forums

Conferences and forums are one of the most effective tools for making presentations and communicating with target audiences. Modern events, as a rule, include a large number of interrelated events, attract participants from different countries and are full of complex technical elements. Most of our event team members have been with the company for more than five years and have practical experience in organising “turnkey” events of any level of complexity.


Organisation of Exhibitions

Exhibitions organised by our company are held within the framework of conferences and forums, providing opportunities for the presentation of technologies, equipment and projects.

Depending on the format, from 10 to 100 exhibiting companies participate in the exhibitions. Within the framework of the exhibitions, demonstrations, master classes, open consultations, HR fairs, contests and express meetings are organised.


Organisation of Targeted Events

Within the framework of forums and conferences, we hold specialised events focused on the interests of certain groups of participants and customers.

Visits to mines in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan, within the MINEX Forum framework.

Organisation of MINEX forum offsite sessions at industry exhibitions in Russia, Canada and China.

Organisation of MINEX club meetings at the sites of the State Commission for Reserves and at the Moscow State Mining University.

Organisation of an investment conference for the ATON group.

Organisation of workshops on commercial real estate for development companies and investment funds.

Organisation of joint conferences of the London Stock Exchange, the City of London Corporation, the Moscow Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

Organisation of business receptions at the embassies of Great Britain and Canada.

Organisation of a charity event to restore children's institutions in the Magadan Territory affected by the flood.


Organisation of Industry Competitions

Advantix is ​​the initiator and organiser of a number of national and international competitions that promote the development of innovation and the popularisation of advanced achievements in the real sectors of the economy.

The Russian Mining Excellence Award competition has been held since 2007 and is one of the most prestigious events in the Russian mining and geological industry.

The MineTech competition is regularly held within the MINEX forums in Russia and Kazakhstan, helping to promote breakthrough technological solutions and venture projects.

The MineDigital competition is held as part of the MINEX forums in Russia and Kazakhstan with the aim of presenting innovative technologies for digitalisation and automation of mining, geological prospecting and metallurgical enterprises.

The MineInvest competition is held at the MINEX forums in Russia and Kazakhstan with the aim of presenting junior geological prospecting projects and companies interested in attracting investors and partners.

The MineMove Competition is held jointly with the First Geological Internet Channel and is the first platform in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community for the presentation of documentaries on the mining and geological industry.

In 2020, Advantix Pharma held the Eurasian Pharma Awards in a virtual format.  More than 70 applications were received from 13 countries in the Eurasia region.


Our technology for Organising Online and Hybrid Events


Virtual Exhibitions

In 2021, in addition to physical and hybrid events, Advantix will launch several virtual exhibitions and conferences on the Virtual Congress-Hall platform. Our technology allows you to simulate virtual events in 3D environment, creating a sense of real presence for the participants. Visitors can independently move between the halls, visit individual exhibition stands, open documents, watch videos, listen to audio recordings. Through the feedback forms or contact buttons, visitors can ask a question to the exhibitor or book a phone or video call.

On the platform of the Virtual Congress-Hall, you can organise online events of various formats from 10 to 10,000 participants. The Congress-Hall is equipped with internet technologies for organising conferences, round tables and forums.


Virtual Platform

In 2020, Advantix has developed a multipurpose technology platform for online and hybrid events.

The platform provides opportunities for organising international events with simultaneous translation into 4 languages.

The platform also allows for simultaneous live broadcasting on the event website and on 10 social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitch.

Our mobile web application supports up to 5,000 participants, providing access to private content, opportunities for conducting polls and surveys, organising communication between participants, and scheduling and holding meetings in physical and virtual venues.


Virtual 360° Tours

Our media team has developed Advantix 360VR technology to create virtual tours of any complexity: from a small office to a multinational business.

A virtual tour is a digital model of a physical location or object, most often built on 360° panoramic photographs and videos. A virtual tour allows viewers to move freely in virtual space, moving from one panorama to another, as if they were moving in a real physical environment through the premises of museums or industrial facilities.

To increase interactivity, virtual tours incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, voice-overs, background music, presentation slides, sound effects, floor plans, 3D models, photos, feedback forms, photo albums and much more. Virtual tours built on our platform offer a wide range of opportunities for presentations, training, surveys, sales and other purposes.


Events, Brands & Services


Real Estate Events

Advantix was established in the UK in 2002 as business events agency specialised in organising B2B and B2G events aimed at the countries of the CIS and Europe.

In 2003 – 2005 Advantix jointly with Salans Law Firm (later merged with Dentons) has organised a series of workshops and conferences to highlight growth opportunities in the Real Estate markets across the CIS countries and to facilitate direct investment into commercial and residential estate projects.


Capital Market Events

In 2004 – 2015 Advantix managed 15 Capital Market conferences, seminars and workshops organised by the Emerging Markets Teams of the London Stock Exchange.

The events were held in London, Moscow, Almaty, Baku and Kyiv to promote investment and business opportunities offered by the UK’s capital markets.



In 2005 Advantix founded the MINEX Forum events trade mark. Under MINEX Forum brand we organise mining conferences, exhibitions and sites visits in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, UK and Europe.

Created in 2007 MINEX media platform is dedicated to covering news, trends and stories in Metals and Mining sector across Europe and Central Asia.

MINEX established in 2020 offers digital platform for organising online and hybrid international mining events.

In 2020 we have launched Virtual Trade Exhibition as augmented reality home for MINEX Russia Forum.

In 2021 we are planning to create virtual trade exhibitions to promote trade and communications in the mining industries across European countries and Central Asia.


Mining Goes Digital

Created in 2019 Mining Goes Digital was the first international technological conference in Russia focused on digital transformation of mining and metals industries. In 2021 we are planning to launch Mining Goes Digital Kazakhstan conference and trade show.


Trade Events Online

Trade Events Online is a specialised virtual platform created by Advantix to host international online events to promote technological developments and international trade cooperation.

Since its creation in June 2020, Trade Events Online platform was used to host a number of public and private events focusing on mining, finance, infrastructure, transport and pharmaceutical sectors.

Trade Events Online has been shortlisted as a platform of choice by the UK’s and International Government and Commercial organisations.


Advantix Pharma

The Advantix Pharma brand was launched in 2020. Last year the division held a series of online conferences with the participation of leading pharmaceutical market players from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

In autumn 2020, the Advantix Pharma team organised a unique virtual event, the Eurasian Virtual Pharmaceutical Summit that took place over 8 days and attracted 300+ pharmaceutical market players from 13 countries in Eurasian region.

In 2020, speakers at the Advantix Pharma events included representatives of the Ministry of the Health of the Russian Federation, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Rospatent, the Eurasian Economic Commission, top managers from Sanofi, Bayer, Novartis, Roche, Merck, R-Pharm, Geropharm, Akrikhin, Protek, Grand Capital, pharmacy chains ASNA, Rigla, 36.6, Vita (Samara), IRIS and many others.

Advantix Pharma also successfully launched the Eurasian Pharma Awards that attracted 70+ companies from many countries in the Eurasian region.


Advantix 360VR

In 2020 Advantix created 360VR Digital Media agency specialised in design and development VR products and services.

We use the latest 360 photography, 360 video and VR technologies to build immersive virtual experiences.

We create bespoke 360 virtual tours to increase global exposure, captivate audiences & convert prospective visitors into customers, partners and investors.

We build virtual 360 exhibition platforms to bridge the gap between the traditional world of exhibitions and the new world of virtual, social media and digital marketing.

We design customised 360 stands for virtual trade shows to create fully immersive experiences and conveys brand and marketing materials.

We develop two dimensional and 360 platforms to stage multilingual conferences, workshops and shows.


Smart Industry

In 2021 we are planning to launch the Smart Industry conference to showcase advanced digitalisation technologies developed in the Energy, Metals and Mining sectors in Russia and neighbouring countries. The conference will also provide a collaboration breeding ground for adapting and transfer of digital technologies across industries.